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About us

– A Kitchen with a Mission –

An idea to deliver home cooked food to the expats who are living far away from home has taken shape gradually.

Being an expat, we deeply understand the worth of getting home cooked food served hot. It is not easy to eat outside food everyday, so we bring to your table the best home style cooked food. A few small orders gave us the hope to cater to more and more people in the society, and the support from the food lovers gave us strength to accomplish the task gracefully everyday. At, we’re passionate about cooking food that allows you to enjoy a fabulous taste and it’s aroma which takes you back in your childhood days when you waited for your mother to serve freshly cooked food on the table. Our commitment is to deliver the food while it is still fresh, hot and within time. Our customers are our priority, hence we strive hard to make sure that the satisfaction level is always high. 

Browse our weekly menus, the meal options offered and available packages which suits your lifestyle and lets you not worry about your food while we take care of it.

– Your Chef – 

(on a mission)